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Remote Online Notarization is 100% Legal!
And, Here's Everything You Need to Know About It.

Florida State Senate has authorized Notaries Public, like me, to preform online notarizations pursuant to  Fla. Stat. §§ 117.201 which means you can save time and money by having your document notarized online as long as you have your United States Driver's License, or State Issued ID, United States, or Foreign Passport, Alien Registration Card with Photo, or a Certificate of Naturalization. You can learn more about Florida Notarization requirements in the Florida State Notary Reference Manual. If you do not possess these items, don't worry! You may still have your document notarized online if you are able to have two credible witnesses possessing these items and who are willing to take a sworn statement that you are who you say you are. Please feel free to call me to discuss if you have issues with producing these items.

I am very proud to offer virtual or online Notary Public services to:

Fort Lauderdale FL 33329 Broward County

So that you can have your document notarized online with me simply by having the unsigned document you need to have notarized in digital format. All you will need is access to a computer, tablet, or smart phone with a good Internet connection as well as your video and two-way audio communication working, and we can get your document or documents notarized online within a few minutes. Below I discuss the easy process of having your document Notarized online.

Disclaimer: Please note although Remote Online Notarization is 100% legal it is always ideal to always check with the receiving party to ensure they will accept an electronically notarized document. And, for Real Estate documents you must have prior approval from your Attorney, Title Company, and/or Lender to proceed with Remote Online Notarization. It is not the Notaries responsibility to determine if the receiving party will accept Online Notarization and anything brought to me may legally be Notarized. Failure to check with your receiving party will not result in a refund for your Notarization.

The Process is Pretty Easy and Will Only Take About
15 to 20 minutes of your time. Here's the Process:

1. Ensure that the receiving party of your document will accept Online Notarizations.

2. Make sure you have an unsigned, PDF version of the document you want to get notarized in _____________________________________. You will also need access to a computer or tablet with a strong Internet connection, a good quality webcam, and two way audio on the date of your appointment.

3. Confirm you have one of the, non-expired, acceptable forms of ID listed above. Ideally, for the smoothest online notarization you will want to take a good clear photo of your ID (front and back) prior to your online Notary appointment and store it on either your computer or your phone where you know how to retrieve it.

4. Book Your Appointment with me using my easy to schedule online scheduling platform.

5. One the date of your appointment you will receive an email from Blue Notary, which is the Online Notary Platform that I use to preform Online Notarizations, asking you to join me in the Online Notary Session.

6. Upon entering the session, you will need to set upload your ID, verify the last four digits of your Social Security Number, and you will have to either answer a set of KBA Questions or be able to pass a biometric scan against your ID information in order for us to proceed with your online Notarization.

7. Once you have passed the verification process, I will still need to preform additional steps to verify your identity by having you hold up the original ID so that I can compare it to the copy and get a few verbal consents from you. 1) The consent to record the entire transaction for my Notary Journal. 2) The consent to the use of electronic signatures. 

8) Once we've passed this process together, we may begin the Online Notarization process and you will be done within 5 to 20 minutes depending on the length of your documents and the number of signatures.

And don't forget that you can call me with any questions prior to your appointment at 352-497-8201 between 8 am and 8 pm, 7 days per week. 

Fort Lauderdale FL 33329 Broward County

You Can Save Time and Money In ___________________ with Virtual Notarizations.

Fort Lauderdale FL 33329 Broward County

Per the State of Florida, I am allowed to charge $25 dollars per Notarization. However, I understand if you have several documents that this may become extremely expensive for you. Which is why I've come up with what I believe is a fair pricing structure that I feel is fair and affordable for clients:

For the General Public:
  • $25 for your first Notarized Document 
  • $12.50 for each additionally Notarized document

    General Public services are rendered prior to session. 

For Approved Real Estate Transactions & Attorney Closings:
  • Sellers- $125
  • Cash Purchase- $125
  • Buyers/Refinance- $150
  • Reverse Mortgage - $250
  • Home Equity Line of Credit- $125
  • Trust Signings & Estate Planning- $150

    Established Attorney Clients may be offered 30 days net. Title & Escrow companies are always given 30 days net.

Here Are The Most Commonly Requested Documents for Virtual Notarization in _______________________.

Fort Lauderdale FL 33329 Broward County

  • Affidavits
  • Bill of Sale Documents
  • Company Contracts
  • Deeds
    • Warranty Deeds
    • Quit Claim Deeds
  • Divorce Documents / Settlements
  • Do Not Resuscitate Forms
  • Minor Consent to Travel Forms
  • Name Change Documents
  • Power of Attorney Forms
  • Guardianship Verification
  • School Forms
  • Trust and Family Planning Documents
  • ​​Unclaimed Property Forms
  • ​​Wills
Remote Online Notary Florida, NNA Certified
Online Notary Public, Virtual Notary, Nancy Faucher

Call/Text: 352-497-8201

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English & French Services

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